Saturday, March 15, 2008

We're fine...

Thanks to those of you who called last night to check on us. The tornado in Atlanta appears to have gone by the north side of our neighborhood (Grant Park) into another neighborhood called Cabbagetown. The division between these is literally a single street. Lindsey drove through on his way to do some work at the church this morning, and said that it's pretty awful. The pictures online aren't too encouraging, either.

Since we don't watch TV, we were woefully underinformed last night. Turns out that Atlanta radio doesn't give out ANY information except the actual warnings. After people started calling to tell us that our neighborhood was on the news, I did look at the streaming footage online, and figured out what was going on. I also grew up in a community with tornado sirens, and there certainly weren't any going off here last night, so I don't know if we don't have them, or if there was so little warning that they never turned them on.

Regardless, it did give us a nice taste of how ill-prepared we are.

Anyway, my yardwork plans for today are officially scuttled, since worse storms are on the way. I think cookie baking might be in my future.

Those of y'all who are close, take care. *love*

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Monkey said...

DUDE! We had no idea...didn't turn the t.v. on either...glad you guys are safe! We are doing yardwork today outside too with Julie's's looking gloomy out there though...on a lunch break now. Anyway, SO glad you guys weren't in the craziness. What's up with GA and all these tornadoes right now?!