Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fun randomness (or is that random funness?)

I know this will shock all of you.

I have signed up for another swap.

It's been almost a MONTH since the last one, and since I can finally see the light at the end of the traveling-for-work tunnel, I felt like I could actually dedicate enough time to seeing this through. :)

You can participate, too! Just head over to Tamy's Ga-Ga for Garlands site, and sign up.
This is my latest crafting endeavor - a little Q-tip lamb. That's right; you layer Q-tips to get all of that fleece. It doesn't take too terribly long, but there is a point in the middle where you question exactly WHY you have decided to try this. If you're interested, head over to Crafts for All Seasons for directions, though I found this project through the incomparable genius found only at Craftster.

For your viewing pleasure - fabulous pictures of last week's trip to the zoo.

While we were eating lunch, Lindsey decided to make Kenzie look like a librarian by buttoning her top jacket button, & not putting her jacket on her arms. This was very funny to Lindsey, Naomi (Kenzie's mom), & me, but Kenzie will probably never get it, since she'll never have librarians who do this. Sigh...
Here we have the lovely Thompson family. Kenzie is such a mixture of her parents; it's rare to see a kid who looks like she got exactly 50% of her genetic material from each parent.
We had tons of fun at the zoo, but the best part was giving Kenzie her birthday present. We took her to a football game at Lindsey's school this fall, & she absolutely loved the band. Since she's a bit young for brass & woodwind instruments, we settled on percussion. Fortunately, she has very easygoing parents, although Erik (her dad) did say that he would one day return the favor, by passing on the drum when Kenzie outgrows it. :) However, as you can tell by the look on her little face, the drum was a big hit. (ha)
And just in case I don't find the computer again until then, Happy Easter!

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