Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We started the morning off with breakfast, and a sleeping baby sister!  Finally, it was time for Easter baskets.  This is Bethany.  {Note: She has had the doll for a while - the surprise was the new doll onesie and a carrier for the doll.  Now she can carry her doll just like Mommy and Daddy carry Clara!}

Happy girl with her new carrier.

Clara's basket was looking a little sparse, so the Easter Bunny added an old-as-mommy doll that Clara hasn't really played with yet.  Ahem.

Happy Clara on her very first Easter!

We hunted eggs at home before heading to church.  The bunny was a very good hider, which caused some confusion, but eventually we figured out the process.

Daddy and Clara at church.  The girls were a big hit.  We have recently started attending a new church, so it was nice to meet some new folks during the egg hunt.  There was also hat making (look at that bonnet!), and bunnies and chicks were there, too.  Bethany is in a super shy stage, so that was challenging.  She clung to us like a lemur, but did at least hunt some eggs.

Bethany is now all set for the next royal wedding.

Family picture in front of the flower cross.  This is a neat tradition, I think.  The sweet man who took our picture is apparently not a fan of the zoom feature.

Clara tried out the bonnet.  

After a lovely service, we came home and tried to take some sister pictures.

Some are better than others.  Don't the dresses look cute?

Clara is working hard on sitting up.  She might get there before her six month birthday this week, but I doubt it...

One funny Bethany thing at the moment:  at St. Patrick's Day, we talked about how St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach people about the Trinity.  So, she knows the words "Holy Spirit."  However, she's still a little unclear on the meaning, obviously, since any time she sees a hole in ANYTHING she calls it the "holy spirit."  Not quite ready for seminary....

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Aunt Caroline took some time off from the crazed world of attorney-ing to visit!  We we so excited to see her.  She stayed at our neighborhood B&B, and we had an amazing time.

She will slay me for posting this picture, but I love it.

Our time together was too short, but we still packed in a great deal of fun.  There was shopping, turkey chasing (no, that's not a euphemism), wine consumption, crazed emailing, ice cream consumption, lots of talking and laughing, and gluten-free buns (also, not a euphemism).

There are really good law firms in Atlanta.  Maybe she should move here?