Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Clara's first Christmas was lovely.  

Bethany and Clara enjoyed themselves and the season.  You can see the side of our new, tiny, pathetic tree.  The big, fancy tree had a disaster in the attic, so now we have a tiny replacement Target tree that looks like an isosceles triangle.  

On Christmas Eve, Granny came to visit.  Bethany demonstrated how mama yaks carry their babies, as we learned in Music Class. It was hysterical.

Bethany and Clara enjoyed their new gifts!

Bethany enjoyed showing things to Clara.  Ignore Lindsey's nasty sock.

At Christmastime, we were still in the process of finding a new church, so we were a bit at loose ends.  We did go to church with some friends, which was nice.  Since this was the mildest winter I can remember, the girls' snowflake dresses were more than a little out of place.  (Bethany's cheeks are pink because she was hot.)

Clara was underwhelmed by the photo session.

We worked hard on celebrating Advent this year, with some neat activities and an advent calendar.  Bethany did an excellent job of reminding Mommy to do the calendar every day.

On Christmas morning, Santa brought Bethany (and Daddy) a small train set.  She and Daddy have had LOTS of fun with it.

Clara's stocking (thanks, Granny!).

Bethany's stocking.  (What, you didn't get IKEA funnels in your stocking?)

Clara helped open a gift or two!

Later, we went to Macon to celebrate with Grandpa B., Nana, and Uncle Andrew.  Here is rousing game of Shake, Shake, Shake Your Baby.

Grandpa and Bethany enjoyed playing with her new dump truck.  

Bethany helped Nana open her gifts.

And Bethany turned Clara into a present.

A little belated Christmas cheer for everyone.  :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bethany Turns Two!

 Bethany had a blast turning two.  We had a tiny party at home with her grandparents, aunt, and cousin, Alexis.  Up above there is a sweet picture of Clara with her grandfather - just so the world can see that they had the same hair for a while. :)

 Mommy once again made Pioneer Woman's cupcakes, which were quite yummy.  Bethany didn't quite manage to eat both of her cupcakes, so clearly Mommy is going to have to work harder on those life goals.  She also struggled with blowing out her candles - complete with trying to touch the flames. 
 Granny got Bethany an AWESOME slide for the yard.  Despite the defective base that took Grandpa and Daddy quite a while to overcome, Bethany and cousin Alexis had a blast putting the slide to good use.  It is the perfect size, and Bethany loves to get it out when we play in the yard.

 On her actual birthday, we took chocolate muffins to school, and came home to an amazing present from Aunt Paul & Uncle Dave in Indiana.  They got Bethany her own set of dishes, and an apron to wear while she cooks! As you may or may not know, her favorite thing to make is pumpkin soup (which she has never eaten), so she got right to work putting soup in the bowls.

At two, these are some of Bethany's favorites.  Thanks to my cousin Beth for the inspiration for this, by the way.

Foods: Pasta, Pizza, Strawberries, and Zaxby's chicken
Books: Thanks for Thanksgiving, All the Water in the World, Pete the Cat, and Ladybug magazines
Songs: Nursery Rhymes and Music Class songs, plus Good King Wenceslas and The Friendly Beasts
Things to Play: Cooking in your kitchen, anything outside or at the playground, and painting
Funny things you've said:  When asked why your shoes were in the car, "I not 'posed to take them off, but I do!"  When asked what present you would give Baby Jesus, "Zaxby's chicken and a card."  

You love your sister "Carwa" and try hard to be a good helper to Mommy and Daddy. You also love to go to school and play with your friends there.  We are working on listening to adults, but overall you have a very sweet spirit, and we are so glad you are a part of our lives.  We love you!

P. S. Bethany's formal two year old shoot is here:  Be sure you watch the video. :)