Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old elementary school teachers don't die.

They just drown in holiday-patterned socks.
Oh, my goodness. I had no idea it had gotten this bad. I knew it was pretty bad, just not this bad. They don't even fit in the drawer. I'm trying to organize the bedroom, what with the motherina, aunt, & cousins invading this weekend, and boy, what a mess. It turns out when you actually do ALL of your laundry on a regular basis (3 weeks in a row, baby!), that you then have to put ALL of the clothes somewhere. I am actually thinking that I learned this before, and that it has something to do with my pathological dread of laundry.

Because our house (c. 1944) has zilch in terms of storage, I've been thinking for awhile that I needed to look at a bigger dresser. Clearly, the time has come. I'm on the prowl, officially.

In the meantime, I will attempt not to freeze into a Sarahsicle. Good night - consistently below-freezing lows before THANKSGIVING? This isn't Cleveland! (And thank goodness for that, since they got what, two feet of snow? Plus the wind from the lake? No, thank you.)

Happy Wednesday....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crafty update.

First off - the infamous diaper cake. These are de rigeur at school showers, but apparently something of an oddity at St. Paul UMC. Who knew?
Who knew, too, that the parents-to-be (our pastor and her husband) would register for non-bleached environmentally friendly diapers that are, um, beige? Beige = not good for diaper cake making. I did not know this, of course, until I opened them. Thus, the cake is a little dingy-looking, but I think you can still get the effect.

I also decorated some onesies for them, which were then strung on this clothesline. I had thought we would use some vintage tablecloths of mine for these tables, so the onesies were WAY too heavy for the plastic. Fortunately, thanks to the magic of Mr. Stapler, we got them to stay up for the duration of the shower.
Moving on to fall - for KK, here's the mantle:
I took my leaves and used glue dots to stick them to my IKEA tree. I waited overnight to do this, which wasn't bright, as they would have been much easier to glue fresh. You will notice the lack of acorns this year - no little wormy friends, either...
There are a couple of additional pre-Christmas projects coming down the pike, I think, but there is definitely Christmas crafting to be done. Whoo-hoo!!

While you're surfing around blogland, be sure to check out Julie's fun blog (I've linked to it before) and etsy shop. She's having a fun little contest right now, too. Her shop is chock full of the results of her gifted thrifting - she's got some books that are making me very envious!

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Do. Not. Call. My. House. Again!

While I am BEYOND excited that the Georgia Senate race is in a runoff, I am NOT excited that the RNC has found enough money to call my house three or four times a day. I have now been home for 22 minutes, and they have called twice. Once was a little girlie named 'Skylar,' who says, "this is Skylar, and I'm calling from the RNC. Did you know, that um, um, the Democrats, are um," at which point I told her she had the wrong number. Then, I just got a robo-call from "Paul" at the RNC, telling me that the Democrats were "dumping" money into Georgia. Geez, Paul, obviously only the Democrats are doing that, because Robo-calls are CLEARLY FREE.

In honor of this torture, I give you some very funny SNL:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good times.

I was going to post about the time I had dinner with Bill Ayers, but Lindsey said I shouldn't.

So, instead, I'm going to show off one of my amazing friends.

Go read what Barrett wrote today (and props to him for F-I-N-A-L-L-Y starting to blog). Then, remember that he's a full-time computer geek, and be even MORE impressed that he used the word nascence.

When you're done with that, go outside and pick up a bunch of different-colored leaves and put them somewhere in your house. I'll show you what mine look like tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Something we should ALL do.

Even those non-sewing boys who lurk here but never leave comments...

First, visit SouleMama's post from today. Then, link over to her new craftivism effort, Mama to Mama, and read about a simple way to help new mothers in Haiti.

Convinced? I thought so.

But for those of you who aren't nudged to action, you should read Meg's amazing post about the effort, and Haiti in general.

Now I know you're going to help, aren't you?

When you're done with your project, read anything ever written by Edwidge Danticat, and you'll see why this is so important.

Those, friends, are your cryptic instructions for the evening.

Happy Monday.