Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old elementary school teachers don't die.

They just drown in holiday-patterned socks.
Oh, my goodness. I had no idea it had gotten this bad. I knew it was pretty bad, just not this bad. They don't even fit in the drawer. I'm trying to organize the bedroom, what with the motherina, aunt, & cousins invading this weekend, and boy, what a mess. It turns out when you actually do ALL of your laundry on a regular basis (3 weeks in a row, baby!), that you then have to put ALL of the clothes somewhere. I am actually thinking that I learned this before, and that it has something to do with my pathological dread of laundry.

Because our house (c. 1944) has zilch in terms of storage, I've been thinking for awhile that I needed to look at a bigger dresser. Clearly, the time has come. I'm on the prowl, officially.

In the meantime, I will attempt not to freeze into a Sarahsicle. Good night - consistently below-freezing lows before THANKSGIVING? This isn't Cleveland! (And thank goodness for that, since they got what, two feet of snow? Plus the wind from the lake? No, thank you.)

Happy Wednesday....


Ms. Natalie said...

I was JUST looking for some Thanksgiving socks this morning! I should've called you.

K2daK said...

Looks like it is a bad habit...I was just thinking I need to downsize too.

This year, my socks are always a topic in my room. The last time I can remember my socks being important was the year I had the Drake girl that is now in middle school-it is fun. I especially like wearing holiday socks at the wrong time...Christmas at Halloween, Valentine's at Christmas or even during the summer. I actually have socks with a beach scene that I wore the other day just to think warm. :) I love this weather!

tridt- "I tridt, didn't you?"

Lennye said...

I officially have a wardrobe that we put shelves in, it would make a great dresser! It has to leave the H house.

Monkey said...

I love patterned socks and people love buying me patterned socks...I just wish I could give them a color guide because there are ones I have TOO much of and ones I have none of. :)

Natasha Burns said...

oh how funny are all those socks! so many of them, hee hee! you are very funny!