Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why not.

Rather than apologize for over a year of non-blogging, I figured I'd just jump back in. My darling cousin Beth has inspired me to at least record the big events for our family, so you can have that to look forward to.

Here is our big girl on her first day of "summer camp." She's started a little preschool program two mornings a week, and went to camp to give us an idea of whether or not she'd like it. She loved it, and continues to be very excited about going to "school." We're very fortunate.

Our biggest announcement is that Bethany's little sister Clara is due to arrive on October 12th. In case you're counting, that will make them 22 months apart. We figure that we'll sleep sometime in the 2020s.
In other news, Bethany is off and talking like a pro. I was very proud of her ability to say, "no, thank you," until that became her super polite and hard to ignore method of getting out of doing things like cleaning up after herself. Fortunately for me, she still loves to do laundry.
Bethany is also a serious writer. She doesn't really seem to draw that much, but she loves to write. Her favorite things to write are "Daddy," "Mama," and "cracker."
Bethany's other favorites include singing all the songs from Music Class, reading books about animals, designing clever methods of avoiding sleep, anything involving water - especially baths, and brushing her teeth. One hilarious thing right now is that she uses the word "yours" to refer to things that are hers. "Brush yours?" means she wants her teeth brushed. This is very confusing, and I'm hoping she figures it out before she goes to college.
Our last big bit of news is that my cousin Laura is getting married in February, and sweet Bethany is going to attempt to be a flower girl. At the very least, she will be in the pictures. We'll see if she makes it up the aisle! Big congratulations to Laura & Chris. We love you both very much!