Friday, January 29, 2010

And finally... The Present.

Phew. I described the first 6 weeks of Bethany's life as being on a treadmill where someone else is controlling the speed & incline. And let's just say that someone was a lot like Jillian on The Biggest Loser. Nonetheless, we survived, and Bethany seems to be doing quite well. Last Saturday, she met her first author, Deborah Wiles, at Bound to Be Read books, and got her first autographed books, as well.
Nana visited this week, and commented on how much bigger she's gotten since Christmas. I suppose it has to be true, especially considering her insatiable appetite, but I still see a tiny baby. Apparently, this is going to be how I feel for many years to come. It's hard to believe she'll be 8 weeks old on Sunday! Last week she discovered her hands, and I *think* she's found her feet, as well. She's laughing and smiling a lot now (when she's not screaming - she's a woman of extremes).
Thought the cousins might like to see the Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls sent by Grandma G. G. (Grandma B.). Bethany likes them quite a lot, and really enjoys their bright red hair.
I made Lindsey take this picture last Sunday before church so that she'd have some photographic evidence of her mother. Of course, the top of my head was optional. :) I love that overall jumper, but it's about the dumbest piece of clothing EVER for an infant. At least it looks cute.

And finally, I'm putting some effort into my children's literature blog:, if you've got time on your hands, stop by & say hi. :)

Backing Up... One Month.

At her one month checkup, Bethany weighed 10 pounds 5 ounces, and was 22 inches long. WOW. She is quite the smiley baby, which we love, and loves to stare up at the ceiling fans. Thank goodness we have them. Her favorite hobbies are eating and eating. Sleeping...not so much. She likes to hug Croshetta Mouse and spend time on her sheepskin rug.

This bonnet & sweater were mine. :)
(I know I already posted this, but I'm trying to put the milestones in the monthly posts.) Here is an example of sweetie's freakish head strength. She was able to hold her head up as soon as she arrived, and it's just gotten stronger. Of course, she's NOT as strong as she thinks she is, so she bonks her head a fair bit.
My mother had the extremely good idea that we should take a family portrait in the bathroom mirror every month - this is the one month version. I think we all know who's cutest. :)

Backing Up... Christmas. Again.

Just because I like it. Bethany and her Daddy in front of the tree. The tree won't look like this again for a while - the vintage glass balls will NOT be used next year, fear not.

Backing Up... The TU Visits

Two of my dearest friends from Tulane have visited Atlanta since Bethany arrived, so I figured I should post their darling pictures.

The Uncles Jason (Jason F. & Jason B.) came just a week after she was born, and brought her a darling I *heart* NY bear. Jason F. held her for a solid two hours, and I secretly want to know what his magic is. :)
Then, Uncle Petey visited at the beginning of January on a frigid day. We ate some yummy barbecue, and then toured him around the hood. As you can see, Bethany took a liking to him, as well.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Backing Up... Bethany's Announcements

Once again, created by the incomparable MonkeyBean! And yes, these will actually go in the mail, hopefully sooner rather than later. I just love her little grin so much. Sigh.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Backing Up... Christmas.

We had a lovely Christmas. Lindsey's mom came for Christmas Eve, and gave Bethany her new friend, Croshetta Mouse. Croshetta is very popular, and Bethany will actually give her a little hug. We made it to the Christmas Eve service at church, and she did well for about 15 minutes, then got hungry. We left to nurse, and then made it back in time for Communion and to visit with everyone afterward. There may also have been cookies involved. Ahem. Moving on.

Christmas Day, my parents & brother came to Atlanta (with barbecue in tow - woot!), and we had a very relaxing afternoon. Uncle Andrew also started Bethany's college fund. She clearly takes after her Grandpa B. - she was more excited about the check than her toys. Next year, we'll buy her a 16-column pad to track all of her expenses. Ha.

Shortly after Christmas, she also demonstrated her rapidly increasing upper body strength with this awesome trick:

Like I've been telling everyone, she's advanced. :)

And finally, because I kept forgetting to link to them, our friends Melissa & Julie came to take Bethany's newborn portraits when she was a week old. Here is the link to the previews - they are FANTASTIC.