Friday, January 29, 2010

And finally... The Present.

Phew. I described the first 6 weeks of Bethany's life as being on a treadmill where someone else is controlling the speed & incline. And let's just say that someone was a lot like Jillian on The Biggest Loser. Nonetheless, we survived, and Bethany seems to be doing quite well. Last Saturday, she met her first author, Deborah Wiles, at Bound to Be Read books, and got her first autographed books, as well.
Nana visited this week, and commented on how much bigger she's gotten since Christmas. I suppose it has to be true, especially considering her insatiable appetite, but I still see a tiny baby. Apparently, this is going to be how I feel for many years to come. It's hard to believe she'll be 8 weeks old on Sunday! Last week she discovered her hands, and I *think* she's found her feet, as well. She's laughing and smiling a lot now (when she's not screaming - she's a woman of extremes).
Thought the cousins might like to see the Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls sent by Grandma G. G. (Grandma B.). Bethany likes them quite a lot, and really enjoys their bright red hair.
I made Lindsey take this picture last Sunday before church so that she'd have some photographic evidence of her mother. Of course, the top of my head was optional. :) I love that overall jumper, but it's about the dumbest piece of clothing EVER for an infant. At least it looks cute.

And finally, I'm putting some effort into my children's literature blog:, if you've got time on your hands, stop by & say hi. :)


Lennye said...

Love new photos. She is growing and believe me these are the best days of your life! (That's experience talking!)

Can't get on the new blogspot.

Lennye said...

Okay love the new blogspot. I'm extremely concerned about how much my students hate reading. It kills me...and this year teaching 128 fifth graders leaves me no time to develop it! Keep it the readit...makeit!

Sarah B. B. said...

Okay - fixed the link for everyone else. SERIOUSLY LAME when you can't properly type your own blog address. :)

Amy said...

She looks so different already! Amazing. Make sure you get into some of those photos. It seems like I am always the one taking pictures so I am never in them.

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Allen said...

She's already getting her face! You know, the transition from generic cute baby to actual person?

Thanks for the break from work.

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Natalie said...

Super cute baby!!! So glad we got to visit a little bit--we'll make the trek up there soon. :) Love the new blog--seriously great outlet for you. You're such a smarty pants!!

('dysiest'--the one who spun the fastest)

Melissa said...

She's such a cutie-patootie! Can't wait for 3 month pictures and seeing what we can get from Ms. Adorable!