Friday, January 8, 2010

Backing Up... Christmas.

We had a lovely Christmas. Lindsey's mom came for Christmas Eve, and gave Bethany her new friend, Croshetta Mouse. Croshetta is very popular, and Bethany will actually give her a little hug. We made it to the Christmas Eve service at church, and she did well for about 15 minutes, then got hungry. We left to nurse, and then made it back in time for Communion and to visit with everyone afterward. There may also have been cookies involved. Ahem. Moving on.

Christmas Day, my parents & brother came to Atlanta (with barbecue in tow - woot!), and we had a very relaxing afternoon. Uncle Andrew also started Bethany's college fund. She clearly takes after her Grandpa B. - she was more excited about the check than her toys. Next year, we'll buy her a 16-column pad to track all of her expenses. Ha.

Shortly after Christmas, she also demonstrated her rapidly increasing upper body strength with this awesome trick:

Like I've been telling everyone, she's advanced. :)

And finally, because I kept forgetting to link to them, our friends Melissa & Julie came to take Bethany's newborn portraits when she was a week old. Here is the link to the previews - they are FANTASTIC.


Dan said...

Glad all the Browns are surviving. -Lennye

Natalie said...

Look at that little face! What a cutie!! :) I want us to get together soon--and will make the offer to drive up there as soon as Avery can handle a car trip without sound-barrier-breaking cries. She absolutely hates being in her car seat. If your munchkin is better at rides, come see us soon! :)

Amy said...

Those photos are adorable! I can't decide my favorite but I do love the one with the brownie mix!

Crafting by Candlelight

Melissa said...

Wow, look at that chick holding herself up, craziness! Such a precious nugget!