Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do. Not. Call. My. House. Again!

While I am BEYOND excited that the Georgia Senate race is in a runoff, I am NOT excited that the RNC has found enough money to call my house three or four times a day. I have now been home for 22 minutes, and they have called twice. Once was a little girlie named 'Skylar,' who says, "this is Skylar, and I'm calling from the RNC. Did you know, that um, um, the Democrats, are um," at which point I told her she had the wrong number. Then, I just got a robo-call from "Paul" at the RNC, telling me that the Democrats were "dumping" money into Georgia. Geez, Paul, obviously only the Democrats are doing that, because Robo-calls are CLEARLY FREE.

In honor of this torture, I give you some very funny SNL:

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K2daK said...

A drinking Robo Call guy...that was some funny stuff! We have the survey people that call constantly.

"Intslyt? No, I like my tea without anyting in it." :) That is as good as I could get. :)