Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sometimes, she can plan...

Now that I travel, I pay attention to the weather. I am famous for never knowing the forecast (or what time it is, but that's a different post). I used to wake Lindsey up to ask him what the weather was going to do, which I am quite sure he found very annoying. In fact, I know he found it annoying, because he used to say things like "how would I know? I'm not up yet!"

Anyhoodle, because I now use weather.com for purposes besides convincing myself it was within the 12 degree temperature range that allowed us to take the kids to recess, I knew YESTERDAY it was going to be rainy & gross today. That meant I went OUTSIDE yesterday, and read on the swing, and walked around downtown Decatur. I left all of the yucky inside chores for today, so today I get to do the following things:

1) Clean. In a big way.
2) Organize fabric into cloth bins suggested by the amazing Sarah.
3) Laundry. You all know that laundry is an uphill battle for me ALL THE TIME. I used to have to stay up all night in college sometimes, not to do schoolwork, but to do 15 loads of laundry. Ugh. I'm not that bad anymore, but I still really hate it. And believe you me, if I didn't have moral principles that prevent me from hiring out housework to people Lindsey & I refer to as domestic wageslaves, I'd definitely let someone else do my laundry. But that would be wrong.
4) Write a bunch of thank you notes, sympathy cards, and general mail that hasn't been sent for a variety of lame reasons.
5) Work on a master plan for VBS.

Did I mention that I bought Steel Magnolias for $5 at Target??? That means at some point today I'll be bawling my eyes out, if you're interested.

And has anyone listened to Lennye's playlist yet? It's definitely quality, but for some reason it makes me think I should be drinking while I'm listening to it. I'm not sure what that says, exactly, but it's an unsettling feeling at 10:00 in the morning...

Finally, I don't think I've shared this yet. While in New York, I got to check out the fabulous Purl Patchwork store. The thing is about the size of a large closet, but they have it very well stocked with some gorgeous fabric. I'll have to photograph my fabric selections for you, but here's a shot of the store:

For added excitement, you get to swivel your head to see this, because I forgot to flip it before I downloaded it, and I just plain REFUSE to waste time downloading it again.

Happy Tuesday!


Jean Knee said...

I'll do your laundry if you'll do my dishes. deal?

Sarah B. B. said...

Deal. Dishes bother me MUCH less than laundry - I think it's the lack of folding. Or, more realistically, that it's related to food. ;)

Sarah and Jack said...

So jealous about Purl.

Laundry kills me constantly too. I sort of had it under control for awhile when I was very strict about how many articles of clothing we were each allowed to own.

yea, need to get back to that. Soon.

Monkey said...

I like doing laundry not folding, like doing dishes not putting away...HATE to vacuum! If I felt the urge to drink at 10am today I would have been with a class of 2nd graders! ha!

Lennye said...

Why aren't you working? The writing test is tomorrow...pray. Of course if they do better it will be because of someone else, but that's okay! I just want my special babies to do good.

You mentioned that my playlist made you want to drink at 10 am. Well my darling SBB, it was 5 o'clock somewhere, so it would have been okay. I had a large margaretta at noon the other day!

Anonymous said...

You have a good sense of humor and I love how it comes out in your writing!! Thanks for checking out my blog.My daughter is on her 8th grade east coast trip right now, and I hope she gets to check out purl!! Your new blogging pal, Kristin

jeanetta said...

well my laundry has been waiting all week just about becasue it has been cold and snowing and my laundry room is outside off the carport. i cant believe last weekend i was hanging stuff out ont he line to dry.

K2daK said...

Weather.com is what I check every morning and then I watch the news while feeding the fat kid and by then I make sure at least the kids are dressed right. :)