Monday, March 24, 2008

Funny coincidences.

Today, Easter Monday, it snowed at lunchtime in Atlanta. Only very briefly, and nothing even thought about sticking, but it's still pretty amazing.

The only other time I've seen snow at Easter was when we were in Eastern Europe (Krakow, Poland, to be exact) during my junior year abroad. We were staying in some sort of dormitory on top of a small mountain about two miles outside of the city. The setting was gorgeous, but four of us were staying in a room with one twin-sized bed, so I woke up with an aching head & back from sleeping on the floor to find a snow-covered mountain below our window. Our friend Heather had secretly made Easter notes & decorations (in Polish she learned from a friend!) and put them up around the room. Not one of those experiences you forget.

I should point out that this was well into April, and that when Caro & I were leaving Paris, it was very warm, so we almost didn't take our winter coats on this trip. Thank goodness for the "oh, well, we'll take them just in case" attitude that we developed shortly before we left for the train station.

There are so many good stories of that trip. I won't share them all today. ;)

Just in case you're missing Paris in the Spring (which is not as lovely as Paris in the fall, but no one ever sings about that), you can sign up for a fabulous swap here.

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