Friday, March 7, 2008


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Despite crazy weather & NASCAR traffic, I made it back from Macon in record time. Lindsey is doing some NASTY dishes that he left at school for way too long, and then we're going to have Mexican. Cheese quesadillas & beans = Lenten staple. :)

Guess who I get to see this weekend?

That's right - this precious little one & her parents. We're going to the zoo! Now, let's hope it's not snowing on Sunday afternoon! Happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Nasty dishes? Some had contained trail mix, and other dry cheerios. At least I haven't left half our spoons at work and never looked for them...

Monkey said...

OH...LOL...that's classic! I hope the snow is gone for now, so you can go to the zoo with the cutie pie and her cool parents!

K2daK said...

The weather was a good today, I can't wait to see that pretty girl in pictures from the zoo.