Monday, March 3, 2008

She's back. Again.

But only briefly.

I did manage, though, to swing two days off in a ROW. I got those to atone for working Saturday & Sunday. Yesterday lasted longer than I thought it would, so poor Lindsey had to go to my Sunday School meeting for me. Yes, you heard right. I have decided to teach Sunday School (again.) I gave it up for quite a while, since I had kids all day long every day, and I just didn't have much left to offer come Sunday morning. Since I don't have kids all day right now, I figured the time was right, plus they really needed someone to start a new class. So, here I am, the new 4 & 5 year old co-teacher. (They've arranged for two of us, but something tells me..... I digress. Ahem.)

Oh, and did I mention that I'm co-chairing Vacation Bible School, too???? That's only a week-long extravaganza, not to mention that I've never done that before.

Here's a question for you church-going readers: how much is expected of the parents of the children in your Sunday School programs? We're in a small quandary over this right now. I'm interested to know if we are unique in that none of the parents are directly involved in the Sunday School program.... They do other things in the church, but not this.

Very shortly, there will be another post, just as soon as some things get loaded into Flickr.... Be patient....


Amy said...

I taught Sunday school for several years and I am currently taking a break. (to have my first child!)

THe only thing expected of our parents is that they take turns bringing a snack each Sunday. Not a very big commitment and I think we could do more.


Lennye said...

The joys of church. Nancy Hamlin was always a great VBS co-director and she taught 3 year olds forever! I used to be the preschool director, but now we are teaching a class on parenting teens! Go figure that!

Glad you are back!

Monkey said...

Julie and I "babysat" the babies and they brought little things to eat from home...when we taught the slightly older kids the parents had no commitment at all...we were just expected to do a little lesson once off to our individual classes for 10 or 15 mins with an activity or small game--they never had any snacks or anything.

K2daK said...

Some of our parents teach Sunday school but I don't think (I am not 100%) that they are super involved, I think it is a drop off thing and come back when you are done with service and or your own Sunday school.

K2daK said...

Good luck with that! I know your kids will be the smartest Sunday schoolers ever!