Monday, March 31, 2008

Just because Melissa hasn't done this in a while...

5 Movies I'm Embarrassed to Admit I Find Funny:
* Blades of Glory
* Supertroopers (see above)
* Animal House
* Wayne's World (excellent!)
* Zoolander

(Not all movies are appropriate for people under 18, or for people who prefer not to watch things rated R, because let's face it, while some of that stuff isn't very edifying, it sure is funny!)


Monkey said...

No Officer...that IS NOT COKE under my nose...I promise it's powdered donuts! :)
I haven't done the five lists thing in a while, because it started to turn into a game I was playing by myself. :( Some things are good by yourself and some are not! LOL! I'll have to respond with own five movies soon! Not tonight...too busy...just stopping by for a quickie comment. ;)

jeanetta said...

i got 3 out of your 5. every other one.
love animal house and zoolander! those are classics.

K2daK said...

Funny stuff! I like Wayne's World too and Supertroopers but I haven't seen the others...maybe I should. I have seen Animal House in pieces.