Thursday, March 27, 2008


Very belatedly planning Spring Break - we're going to Florida for my great-aunt & great-uncle's 50th wedding anniversary celebration, and discovered last night we're staying close to the Everglades, so we're adding a day to the trip to explore the swamp. (Say a prayer that the gnats won't be Jurassic, just dreadful.) Then, we're driving up to Sarasota so that Lindsey can see a pretty beach & green water before heading back home to do some house & yard projects. Whew!

Meredith from Like Merchant Ships linked to this post at Morning Ramble, which linked to this post. Great food for thought, especially at this time of year when we're all trying to clean & organize our lives.

A random email today provided this site, which gives some frightening stats about what we're putting on our skin... I looked up my allegedly "natural" moisturizer, and found some scary details. Obviously, I don't know the chemistry behind all of it, but let's just say that I will definitely be examining some different options for the summer....

Finally, this isn't my tragedy, so I'm not going to dwell on the details, but one of my brother's friends lost his father last night in an accident. Keep them in your thoughts, if you don't mind.


K2daK said...

Love the "feel" of the no list blog. :) I made a chore list when we were first married but it lasted about a week,I just clean when I can, something always needs to be cleaned. :)

Have fun on your spring break!I hope Nick & I make 50 years, we are celebrating 5 yrs. this year...only 45 more to go. HA!!

Patty said...

Hi, Thought I would stop by and visit your blog. Love it !