Saturday, March 8, 2008


This week: 70 degrees, then thunderstorms like it was July, now it's snowing. This is the first Atlanta snow I've seen this winter, though, since I've managed to be out of town the three previous time. The flakes are big & pretty. I'll upload some pictures later.

Now, though, if you'd like to do something fun & un-wintry.... could try the Spring Reading Thing from Callapidder Days. Amy brought it to her readers' attention, and I think it sounds like a good time. I do have a stack of things to read, which often get overlooked for something else, so this is a good challenge for me.

Some of you will be shocked to know I've been up since 7:30. :) Weekend Edition has been really great this morning, including a discussion about the spate of recent faked memoirs. It's funny - when I first heard about this (where a gal claimed to be half White/half Native American, raised by an African-American foster mother in the hood where her foster brothers were in a gang & she sold drugs, etc., etc., etc.), I was instantly skeptical. However, the author hoodwinked a whole bunch of authors, editors, reviewers, and journalists, until her own sister called her out. Turns out she grew up in a tony suburb of L.A. Nice. Appropriating other people's tragedies as your own to sell a book. She claims she was just trying to share their stories, but I don't believe her. (Imagine that....)


K2daK said...

I like you being home, fun stuff to read!

I would like to do the spring reading thing, but it takes me forever to read a book, I almost done with my 500 page book...two months later. :)

Julie said...

Consider yourself tagged! Come read the rules on my blog then pass the tag on.