Thursday, January 3, 2008

To clear things up:

#1) Yes, that is a serious ruffle at the bottom of the coat. It does twirl, but only slightly.
#2) That picture is from the Anthropologie website, not yours truly, so its smallness is not meant to offend, annoy, or physically harm anyone.
#3) The coat was a success in today's frosty temps, but the pins were too small, so I'm going to plot something else for the collar.
#4) I will take a bigger picture, of it on me, soon, but don't hold your breath.

In other news, my leftover cup of water was frozen in my car this morning, AND STILL FROZEN when I got into the car in the parking garage to go home! What the heck? That's cold weather, friends.



Monkey said...

It was physically harming me for sure...I have a cough now from it. Hack hack. :) Could you really TRY to be LESS offensive in future blog posts...I mean the nerve of you really! ;) I am hoping someone didn't think that was your picture, seeing as most of us don't have coat display racks like that hanging around our houses! ;)

Lennye said...

Sarah could've had the coat display rack! I'm relieved to know we will soon get pictures of Sarah sporting the coat! Can't wait to see the new pins too.

Lennye said...

This morning I was thinking about you and your coat, for some reason! The coat is as unique and individual as you are - which makes it the PERFECT fashion statement for you.

Happy coat wearing today, love ya.

K2daK said...

Super cute coat, I like it a lot and agree it screams Sarah.

On the cold weather we had a similar thing happen with a water bottle that was left in Nick's truck in the diaper bag. Hope all is welll in your neck of the woods, city in your case.