Sunday, January 6, 2008

Feast of the Ephiphany = Mexican for me. Soon.

On the left, you see our very favorite Mexican restaurant. It is called Mi Barrio (that's to say, My Hood), and it rocks. It's hard to tell from this picture, but the windows are barred & the sides have a lot of graffiti. It's not exactly the most obvious dining choice. However, if you are brave enough to go inside (and it's perfectly safe, by the way) your tummy will be happy. The folks that work there seem to be from about 4 generations of the same family - great grandma is in the kitchen with grandma & mom rolling the tamales & cooking! We've been the only non-Latino people in there before, which is also usually a pretty good sign of quality.

Since the beginning of December or so, it's been closed. :( I kept hoping they were closed for Christmas, but it was starting to look bleak. Tonight, I resorted to the Internet, where I learned that indeed, the entire family packs up & returns to Mexico for the holidays! The restaurant is, naturally, closed till they return. Since today is Epiphany (the 12th day of Christmas for those of you who didn't grow up fake-Catholic), which is a huge deal in Hispanic cultures, I can only assume they'll be headed back to Atlanta shortly.

And I will be headed to Mi Barrio, home of the only cheese quesadilla I've ever had that compares to Mrs. Escavedo's. It's the real deal, friends.

Happy Week!


jeanetta said...

sounds likeone of our little places we used to have in san antonio.
hmmm i miss tamales. first time in 7 years i havent had them at christmas for luck. :(

Lennye said...

They make tamales! I miss tamales more than anything else. Not far from where I grew up, you ordered a dozen tamales, they came out wrapped in newspaper and you added salsa. These were eaten with pickles and saltines. YUM!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all meet up there one night...and then I could come by and see your sweet little yellow house...I know...I'm the ONLY one who hasn't been for a visit...shame on me...i DO still love you though France'...Mama Lee

K2daK said...

Do enjoy it while you can, I will in the meantime see if I can't hit Nick up for some yummy Mexican in the Target parking lot. :)

Hey, do you want that mini muffin pan?