Sunday, January 13, 2008


Technically, Monkey wins, although the lack of commitment to her answer leaves something to be desired. ;)

They are tamales, and they were fabulous. We also got to enjoy cactus with our tortilla chips! WOW!

Here we have Lindsey with our new butter churn. It needs a bath, and the churning stick is actually a table leg, so we'll be looking for something slightly more authentic, but I *love* it.

Have a great week. If I don't get to post again, it's because I'm going from Macon, to Savannah, to Macon, to Columbus. Phew!


Monkey said...

Hey! I don't want to hear that...there was plenty of commitment to my answer...I committed to TWO choices! :) :)

Lennye said...

Was the cactus pickled or as a salsa? I've had cactus jelly before. I have my grandmother's butter churn, it has traveled many miles.

Monkey said...

I can't wait to see the comments Natalie comes up with for the butter churn!

Anonymous said...

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