Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holy cow!


Honestly - that is quite unbelievable. I'm usually quite mercurial (fabulous word I learned from Anastasia Krupnik - anyone??), so to stick with something this long is impressive to me.

Here you see the results of last night's mad crafting - my valentine's for Sarah's swap. And she'll be needing some valentine goodness if you've read her blog about yesterday's crazy weather in that part of the world. I'll show you the finished product after the valentines have been transported by Cupid to their assorted new homes. I will say they ended up quite differently than what I planned in the beginning (think pale pink paisley becomes bright red vintage different). Anyway, they are on their way to Sarah - just hope they can get there through all 0f that snow!

To celebrate ye olde hundredth post, I'll do a little giveaway. Since I'll be crafting up a storm all weekend for Becky, and finishing a few decorations for this house, I'll whip up a little extra for one lucky reader. Since only a few people read this all the time, you stand a good chance, now don't you? Leave a comment & I'll draw a name. And Monkey, I have your tamale-related surprise ready to go, too. :)

Thanks for reading - this has been quite a bit of fun so far.


Monkey said...

Free surprises ROCK! Three cheers to the 100th post...woohoo woohoo woohoo! Smack it up, flip it... :)

Lennye said...

We all love anything free (most of us are teachers)! Count me as a loyal reader!

K2daK said...

100! Wow, I feel like we should all get together to celebrate..we should do it in true teacher style everything relating to 100.

Sarah and Jack said...

COngrats on a 100 posts!

I cannot wait to see the Valentines. :-)

Natalie said...

Ooh, me! Pick me! Ooh, ooh, Mrs. Brown, pick me!! :)
Congrats on being 100--you still look great.

Heidi ( said...

Congrats on your 100th, "holy cow!" posting!!!!! You sure have lots of crafting/swapping going on right now!

jeanetta said...

well it looks like quite a list already! happy 100th!