Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our weekend

Lindsey met me in Savannah for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary - three years, for those of you who like to count such things. Craziness! Anyway, here are a few pictorial highlights. I'll try to come back & write more later.

The lighthouse on Tybee Island - I've seen it several times, but I never bothered to climb it until this trip. It's a bit of a workout getting up there, but absolutely worth it. We were fortunate that the sky was this gorgeous shade of blue (you'll remember that we got married in January because of my obsession with winter light), even though it was about 12 degrees in the wind at the top of the lighthouse. BRRRR.

Here we are attempting a self-portrait in front of the Forsyth Park fountain. You can't see too much fountain - sorry. Our bed & breakfast was at the south end of the park, and really delightful. Had the weather been 10 degrees warmer, the walk through the park would've been fantastic. I think there is a picture of Caro & me in front of this same fountain from our trip to Savannah several years ago.

The sidewalk on the north side of the fountain, headed towards 4 more squares and the river. It reminds me so much of Oak Alley in Louisiana, perhaps because of, um, the oaks. ha.

Finally, you know you're in a classy kind of town when the bus stops look like this. No sketchy MARTA sheds in Savannah! I definitely got some "that lady is crazy" looks while snapping this shot, but it's okay. I'm increasingly accustomed to that look.

Have a great weekend, folks.


Monkey said...

Fountain?! Where, what fountain?! LOL! Too much baking, too much taste testing of sweets...sugary, deliriousness!

K2daK said...

Sounds like you guys had fun, I can't believe that it has been three years! You guys are a great couple and I am sure 3 years is just the beginning...

*carrie* said...


Thanks for the birthday wishes, and happy anniversary!

Savannah is such a fun city--my sister lives real close to there, and that's where we fly in and out of. Actually, I'm heading there in just a few weeks!