Monday, October 8, 2007


My very cool Holiday Sister Swap partner, Miss Jeannie (or Jean Knee, if you read her hysterical blog), sent me this happening card over the weekend. It is made out of a paper bag, and it rocks. At first, I decided I was going to send one of these to everyone I know. I was so determined on this front that I actually picked up a paper bag that had been carelessly tossed on the sidewalk while Lindsey & I were walking last night. (It did not, contrary to his expectations, contain any kind of illegal substance, or even smell like pot. So there.)

Then, I woke up, and looked around this extremely messy house, & realized that in order to have the Halloween party of the century on October 27th, I'd probably be better off cleaning that making cute cards.

In lieu of actually receiving a card, you can just admire this one, and maybe be inspired to make some of your own. (That's for those of you down in Jackson, enjoying your fall break...)

It's sitting on top of a very cool galvanized tub, that will be in action on the 27th, as well.

In case you haven't figured it out, this post serves only 2 purposes:
1) to thank Jeannie for this great card
2) to issue a save-the-date for the Halloween party of the century, on Saturday, October 27th, at 6:00 pm, chez nous. (Evite is forthcoming later in the week.)


Jean Knee said...

sorry the paper bag was devoid of any good substances-maybe next time

yessss Halloween party!!!!

Jean Knee said...

I meant the one you found, not the one I sent silly girl

jeanetta said...

hmmmm..... make really cool invitations....or clean the house so you can have the party. sounds like a decision i would have to make. have fun.

K2daK said...

A dress up party? A real halloween party? Sounds exciting, can't wait for the e-vite!

Amy said...

That is an adorable card. I have to try that!!!


*Heidi* said...

Well hi there, Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog, come anytime! Yes, we're swap partners in Amy's Trick or Treat swap! I've got some ideas, but now I realize we really are short on time! So, email when you get a second and we can exchange addresses. Also: What is your favorite candy/candies? This should be fun! My email is hwoodred at aol dot com.

Lennye said...

SBB, you've got to check out this website and blogspot.

All this Frenchy theme makes me think of you.

Monkey said...

Thanks for the blog comment...I was starting to think my blog is on your banned blogs list or something. :) Party sounds fun, Lee is riding with us! :)

carrie said...


That is a very creative card. All these fun swaps!

I will enjoy reading about your party. Happy planning!