Sunday, October 28, 2007

Swap lovin'...

Firstly, from Heidi:

The box came with the CUTEST witch graphic, but I don't know enough photo editing to show you that without showing you both of our addresses. And I refuse to gain a stalker, and I don't want to give Heidi a stalker who isn't named me. Thank you. :)

Inside, I found this mysterious package, which turned out to be a Happy Halloween swag, complete with ruffled crepe paper! Heidi was considerate enough to label the ends "right" & "left," which is important if you're spatially challenged like me. She even sent push-pins for attaching it to the wall! You can also see the soldered Scrabble tile necklace - she's getting very good at these. Check out her blog to see just how far she's come....

The swag, unfurled, on the mantel. It really pulls everything together, I think. And, we managed to hang it high enough to stay out of the reach of little hands during the par-tay last night. Lindsey helped me hang this, and was very impressed. I tried to use it to leverage a new (functional) printer, but I was not successful. Yet.

And, this, the magnificent swap container! Holy cow! The pieces of fabric on the handle are stamped with "trick or treat." Inside, Heidi sent a cool ghost cookie cutter, candy, Halloween sprinkles, treat bags, & muffin cups! She absolutely spoiled me, and I am very grateful for the hard work she put into this swap! Thanks also to Amy, for hosting this! YAY.


Amy said...

Adorable! Heidi is so creative! Thanks for posting pictures!


Jean Knee said...

I've been checking it out over on her blog for a few days now.
that swag is sooo cool