Sunday, October 28, 2007

Swap lovin', part deux...

And secondly, from Jeannie. Naturally, in a box covered with polka dots. This piece of the swap, friends, is a funny story. I thought it was a hat. Like a party hat, with the ribbon serving as the chin strap. The bat kept flapping down, and I thought, oh, the glue didn't stick, I'll have to put some more on. I WAS WALKING TO GET THE GLUE, when I turned it the OTHER way, and realized it was supposed to hang from the string. DUH. I felt dumb, and now I'm sharing that with you. This coolness looks perfecto on the front door, don't you think?

This cool cone, complete with fuzzy ball fringe & a jewel, was filled with delicious chocolate treats. Clearly, Jean Knee is a chocolate connoisseur. The Devilish Delight tag on the bony licorice stick is a trip. I put it right over a chair, but no one went running & screaming during the party. Apparently, it wasn't frightening enough. Sigh.... I'm thinking I might use the cone not just at Halloween, as long as I take out the hand? This thing is serious, by the way, Jeannie is a professional cone-maker, I think.

Mr. Friendly Skeleton, in his clowny jester outfit, gets to hang out with the festive muffin tins. He's quite funny, I think. The card (paper bag fabulousness) has an iron-on pumpkin that will have to get made into something here shortly. And I love the black kitty cat, of course. I think this one conveys the spirit of our cat immediately after the administration of flea medicine. Nice, huh?
Jean Knee rocks. This was awesome, and I get to keep having her as a partner for two more months! Whoo-hoo! Sweet goodness = fun stuff.


Jean Knee said...

the skeleton hasn;t caused any, uh, problems has he? he has a shifty look

Monkey said...

Dude! Target is having a massive sale on Halloween there fast! (well, maybe you should drive) We got some cute stuff to adorn the dogs with next year! ;)

Monkey said...

It seems like I probably saw the Halloween tree, but can't remember what it had on it...there was lots of Halloween eye candy that evening! :)
We bought a white one too (which would work for Easter)for future craft display...right now it's actually holding Julie's watches and bracelets that are not for sale. It's fun to contemplate what should adorn them for various seasons! :) Did you by chance make it to Target to check out Halloween clearance?