Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not bright.

In a number of ways.

1) I've procrastinated on a presentation, and now I have to do it.
2) It was foggy all day - and we don't live in San Francisco!
3) I forgot to take pictures this afternoon, so you still can't see the crafty area, AND I have to go out of town tomorrow.

So, to brighten YOUR day, I think you should head over to the blog of my radical trick or treat swap partner, Heidi, and check out what she's been up to with her crafty self. I've very jealous of her newest talent, and you could actually benefit from it! Wowza, I tell you. Go! Go now! :)


Lennye said...

I liked the necklaces, but didn't see a way to leave a post (I don't have AOL).

Question, with your love of all things French, how do you feel about the book "The Family Under The Bridge"? (If you have missed reading this gem...you now have homework) I'm thinking of ordering it as a class set and giving it to my kids for Christmas.

*Heidi* said...

Hi Sarah!

Thanks for the call out on my BOO giveaway! For "lennye", yes, to leave a comment you do need an aol screen name, but it's easy and free. Give it a try!

I'm mailing your "Trick or Treat Swap" box today!

Have a great weekend!

Jean Knee said...

you lucky girl, I'm mailing your swap box tomorrow.

don't be scared