Monday, October 1, 2007

8 things I learned today:

1) Just because it's fall doesn't mean you can leave your car windows down overnight. Some kind individual will come by, ransack your car (you won't BELIEVE how much junk hides in your glove compartment), and take all your loose change. Fortunately, if you have recently stopped living out of your car, it's all they can take.

2) People who go through other people's cars do not like Norah Jones or 10,000 Maniacs. They leave those CDs alone.

3) When you think your cat has adjusted to being an indoor cat, she will stalk the door, waiting on you to open it, and then escape outside. Once outside, she will act as if she has no idea who you are, until you scare her back in the door.

4) Should you decide to go to the zoo to escape the very bad day you are having, you may encounter rude people, who shove their cameras in front of you in order to take a picture of an animal they can see equally well from their portion of the fence.


5) Baby pandas take extremely precious naps at about 4:00 in the afternoon. They collapse over horizontal poles, with their legs dangling. Amazing. (The picture up there is a not-very-close approximation.)

6) Meerkats like to watch people. Particularly if one meerkat is on guard, and the others are combing their hair.

7) Girl lions chase & antagonize boy lions, who in turn play hard to get.

8) Elephants dance! Really! They wave their ears back & forth & shift their weight. Very cool for something that weighs 14,000 pounds.

I've decided that I came out ahead on the lessons front, particularly in regards to the car. I am actually quite famous for leaving the window down, but before my only consequence has been a car seat wet from dew (or rain). Maybe now I'll remember?


Monkey said...

DUDE! I can't believe all of your shiznick got taken out of your car! Was this outside your house or job? They must be some crack smokers if they didn't steal Norah Jones...I mean seriously--that's quality stuff! Sorry you got ransacked! At least you got a cute picture of the baby panda! :)

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with monkey girl...just glad you still had a car....take care and know too, that my kitties LOVE the fall air as well as their ya, L.

Sarah and Jack said...

Car rifling is a favorite pasttime in our 'hood. They don't require open windows either. LOL

jeanetta said...

o bless you. i feel your pain. we had our older than dirt toyota pick up stolen twice from an apartment complex we used to live at. about a month apart and we had to pay to get it out of empound each time. first time they dumped my husband the pack rat's accummulation of student's papers along the highway close to us. we even found a fmaily pic of us all ice skating along the road too. apparently they just need a ride becasue the second time it was stolen it was recovered in roughly the same area.

on a brighter note i am hoping to get you package out to you tomorrow. :)

Lennye said...

I'm so sorry. Remember when we got robbed. That is the most violated feeling! But I'm with Monkey, what kinda crack smokers don't take Norah Jones?

K2daK said...

Who says you don't learn something everyday! I too am sorry your car was taken advantage of...that is sad. I left my door open one time in the Garden Ridge parking lot...luckily my credit card wasn't stolen or anything else, but I felt pretty stupid when I walked out and said, "Nick you forgot to close the door" and then he said, "You drove up here!" Yeah, not my brightest moment. I don't think I have ever told anyone that before. So at least yours was just a window. :) Glad you had a good day off work at the zoo after a crappy start to the day.

Jean Knee said...

yikes. at least the window allowed them easy access so they didn't break a window or windshield- much costlier in the end.

I tried to craft you something and it messed all up. don't worry, it wasn't out of bellt button lint

carrie said...


Bummer on the car!

That's great that you still have Norah and Natalie to keep you company, though!