Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Help needed, s'il vous plait.

#1) Let's take a moment, fellow Georgians, and be grateful for this rain.

#2) Anyone know where to find a LOT of buttons at a CHEAP price? As much as I *love* Etsy, I'm not paying $3.00 + shipping for 12 buttons! I need orange, green, and maybe brown. I tried google, failure ensued, and Ebay is too daunting. HELP!

#3) My swap packages are in the mail. That's a relief. I had some serious swap angst this go-round, and then a technical disaster in my trick or treat swap that had to be overcome.

#4) Lindsey is at church, which means I am about to whip up my very favorite bad-for-you processed food: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, original version. Or, if you are Canadian, you call them Kraft Dinners, apparently. As usual, ignore the video (the car isn't even a Chrysler!), and listen while you surf.

When I saw BNL in New Orleans during my freshman year of college, they had boxes at all the entrances for the macaroni & cheese that people like to throw during this song. They asked that you deposit your box of mac & cheese for donation to a food bank rather than wasting it all over the arena. When I saw them later at Lakewood (sigh...it will NEVER be HiFiBuys to me), they didn't have the boxes. WHAT HAPPENED? People quit being hungry? I think not. I still love the band. Call me a loser.


Sarah and Jack said...

Are you looking for vintage buttons or new?

I think Oriental Trading has new buttons by the pound.

Vintage buttons I find at flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales.

I usually pass them up because I have way too many at this point, but if you don't need them immediately, I will keep an eye out for you. If you need them immediately shoot me an email and let me know approximately how many and I will see what we have here. (In fact, I know a stall in the antique mall that usually has ziploc bags full for a few dollars.)

Lennye said...

At present, I have 15 green buttons of various shades and shapes, 9 brown buttons (2 shapes), and 4 orange buttons.

They can be yours if you need them.

K2daK said...

I don't know where you can get buttons besides yard sales...

I think we should get together one night and make some Mac-n-Cheese, I am the only one in this house that "likes THAT kind".

Monkey said...
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Monkey said...

I sent you some ebay links for green and orange...but it's from my bellsouth account that I don't have the password to anymore...so don't reply to that email address. :)

Jean Knee said...

antique stores ( junky ones not those fake Martha'd up places) sell them pretty cheap by the jar

my hub calls it kraft dinner, he's from chicago

I love that stuff

so that BNL song is kinda like the rocky horror picture show, except with macaroni and minus transexuals...kewl

jeanetta said...

let me know what colors and how many you would ldike and i can send them along with that swap of yours i keep forgetting to send out. so sorry. i suck. :P