Friday, September 21, 2007

Some people think I'm funny...

Today's group of trainees thought I was hysterical. I'm thinking maybe they just don't have access to a lot of funny people? After all, we know that Nat is the funny one. ;) They were, seriously, an awesome group, & received the information we were presenting really well. Yahoo!

This weekend, I get to go & see La Boheme with Torrence. I'm very excited. We are, however, going with his friends from the Georgia Tech orchestra. That means, I'll be outsmarted on all fronts. Normally, I feel only slightly inferior around Tech people because I never made it to Calc 47. These folks made it through Calc 47, AND play music. They play well - I've heard them. Torrence is the one, of course, who is getting his PhD in biomedical engineering, and trying to win Tech's concerto competition. Again. This time, on a new instrument. Yeah.

Crazy weekend here, trying to visit some folks and get ready for my next week of travel. I'll be in Cobb for Tuesday, then on to Athens for the rest of the week. Then, I'm off for a week, before finishing this training round up in Rome & Gainesville. I'm quite ready for a break.

Have a great weekend. Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with some cute baby pictures.


Lennye said...

I can see where you can be funny. We've shared some good laughs.

Got your phone call. I had put my cell on mannermode during the meetings yesterday. Yes, the one you mentioned is the one I'm talking about. I told Dan this morning that I was way in over my head this year. I had a class that needed all my time, plus my extra time. Of course everyone knows my extra time is to be spent doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, and OH YEAH, working on this doctorate thing so I can make more money!

I have little patience for people who don't do their job or people who make excuses for those who do not do their job! I probably need a medication this year. Thank God this group is not a behavior problem. However, when you get that many confused students together, the confussion alone tends to be overwhelming.

This weekend is designated to writing a 20-page paper. Hopefully, I can get RtI in some order so that I won't feel that pressure. Then there will be the pressure of Revival at school this week.

Lennye said...

Okay, Revival is at church. That would be a seperate set of guilt feelings I deal with.

Monkey said...

After reading Lennye's comment, glad I do my job. :) I deal with other people trying to get me to do theirs. I definitely think you're funny...we've shared some serious crack up moments---skipping down the hall together for example! ha!

Lennye said...

One thing about Monkey she is responsible:) Plus, she has never critized us when we vent. However, she may want the art room on a different hall next year!

Monkey said...

The art room will be on a different hall next year :) ha! Glad I could be responsible for the chocolate...though I was hoping I was the FUNNY "one." I'd never even attempt to be the smart "one."