Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So THIS is what people do early in the morning...

A happier post, to apologize for the previous one.

This afternoon, the Saturn will be transporting yours truly to Augusta, & then onward later in the week to Savannah. I've never actually been to Augusta, so that should be exciting. I always love Savannah. Since I'm on the work schedule, I got up early to finish getting some things together for the trip.

This is what I saw when I looked up from the back porch where I ate breakfast. Pretty cool, huh? I became, um, slightly obsessed with light the year that I lived in France. Paris gets ZERO light in the winter, so when Caro & I ventured south, almost to the Mediterranean, in January, we thought we were in heaven.

My winter light obsession is part of the reason Lindsey & I were married in January. (Well, the light & the fact that I sweat a lot, & wedding dresses are heavy.)

Anyway, the camera's batteries have been fully recharged, so that all sorts of picture-taking fun can be had in Savannah. And, maybe Augusta - who knows?


Sarah and Jack said...

I've got that sweat issue. Have you tried the new Secret Clinical stuff? Works pretty darn well.

Monkey said...

I love that tree!

Lennye said...

Augusta! Well you will be at my home away from home. I make a trek over about once a month. If you get a chance to eat out -- California Dreaming is one of my favorites. Love the salad! Also, downtown is just interesting, however, don't go down to the "tittie" bars!!!!! Everybody teases me because I stay at the Ramada next door to the strip section of town.

Then to Savannah! I want your job!!!!!!! Don't leave Sarah, I'm coming!!!!!!!!!!!!