Saturday, September 22, 2007

I am not bright.


#1) I did not take the camera to breakfast this morning, so I have no cute baby pictures for you. The baby is, however, precious, and laughs & smiles ALL the time. He smiled more at me than at Lindsey, thank you very much.
#2) The La Boheme concert is NEXT weekend. Duh. Fortunately, I don't think I've double-booked us.
#3) The wedding in October to which I did not think we were invited? Yeah, we're invited. Fortunately, I have a dress. What we do not have is a gift, or an idea for a good one.

I think it's time for some M&M's. Have you seen the cute Halloween ones with jack o'lantern faces? They make me quite happy...


Lennye said...

SBB, who is the baby? Are you talking about the panda? I'm lost?

Monkey said...

If the concert is on Sat. the 29th at 6:30pm, you are definitely double-booked. Whose baby and whose wedding?

Monkey said...

ps...that dress is VERY pretty! Nice for "non-short" folks! ;)

Sarah B. B. said...

The baby belongs to our real estate agent & his wife - fantastic people. The baby panda is, however, also very hard to photograph because she is behind glass. :(
The wedding is a co-worker of Lindsey's from when he worked in Macon. (A couple we thought would never actually get married.)
And the concert is on Sunday, at 3pm, so I'm still not double-booked.