Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gratitude, redux.

In light of all that's gone on in Lennye's world this week, I'm feeling more than a little grateful. Even though it took me 5 and a half hours to get home last night, in the rain, I couldn't help but notice how pretty so much of the drive was. And then, today, I was thrilled to discover that the rain had brought us our first taste of fall.

Moral of the story: be thankful for the little stuff. Jenn had actually reminded me of this when I was visiting her in Sylvester. While we were discussing the struggles that living in Worth County has created for her, she told me that she wakes up every morning & drives to work in awe of the sunrise she sees over the cotton fields. That, she said, helps her. As usual, I listened to that girl. And it served me well.

Happy Saturday night.


K2daK said...

I have been in a very thanful mood lately too. Maybe there is a reason for all of that, maybe we are just lucky that we don't need "stuff" to happen for us to be thankful. :)

Monkey said...

That's what I'm saying...people can't ever say I don't express gratitude...I'm even thankful for the flipping paint colors mixing on a paint brush! WORD! I think for some people, they need that wake up call to remember to be thankful for things and then some of us are just always thankful for even the "small" things. I like that!

Lennye said...

I agree, that a life of gratitude is where we all need to be. Even thankfulness in the horrible things of life, because they make us realize how precious the good things really are.