Monday, September 3, 2007

Intermediate Posting

Since I don't have the infamous picture of me WITH Jimmy Carter yet, I thought I'd tempt you with a few of the man himself:Here he is speaking to the Japanese students. He was pretty funny, actually, and made a few jokes about how Plains is TINY. He said it had 635 people. I'm not sure where about 450 of them live, so that might be the greater Plains metropolitan area.

Here are President Carter, the Superintendent of the visiting Japanese school system, and the translator. The translator worked HARD for his money; virtually no one spoke English in the group, so even simple things like "leave your bags in this room, so the Secret Service doesn't have to search them" took a LONG time to explain.

And the bike... As you can see, this is no titanium, German-engineered racing bike. In fact, I think it is older than I am. (However, the agent riding with him DID appear to have a fancy bike.) He rides very well, you'll be happy to know.

In other fun, here are some pictures of Lindsey with the Rhino. They had a lot of fun opening Ryan's present & reading a book. Much like our house, the book contains Ryan's favorite word, "mess." ;)

As of this weekend, we are now proud members of the High Museum of Art and Zoo Atlanta. I FINALLY got to see the baby panda, Mei Lan, for about 12 seconds until I was smushed by a bunch of adults with large cameras. Sheesh. She turns one on Thursday, so hopefully after that, the crowds will die down. (She is very cute, and quite a ham. She also appears quite healthy, so maybe soon she'll get to hang out with both of her parents. They are still separated most of the time.)

In other excitement, I'm on my way in about an hour to south Georgia, where I'll be training teachers in Pelham and Waycross. Go swapiness! I will get to see Jenn, who lives down that way in Sylvester. Her husband is the high school football coach there; the Rams won on Friday night. Whoo-hoo!

I'm still in the middle of a few kimono-fabric pillows; hopefully, I'll get those finished next weekend so you can see them. Happy Labor Day!

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jeanetta said...

hey swap partner! cant wait to get started. and i dont mind if the book is falling apart either it makes it easier for me to justify repurposing it into one of my crafts.