Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I believe I have already mentioned how much I love mail. In fact, I might have mentioned it in connection with the same person who sent today's GREAT mail.

Pictured at left is the present Ryan sent to me. In case you can't read the title, the book is called Me & My Pseudo Aunt Sarah. Since most of our friends have kids, but we don't, I am often called Aunt, but it is rare that I get that title in writing. Presumably, Ryan had a little bit of help from his cool mom in putting this together, and it is the story of a day-long field trip that Kinsley, Ryan, & I took late last winter to High Falls, Dauset Trails, and Melissa's house.

My favorite page from the book talks about me being a "hands-on" teacher, since I tried to teach Ryan how to climb a rock. It was pretty funny, and Kinsley captured a great look on our faces, as I am seriously trying to explain this rock climbing thing to Ryan, but he is staring at me as if I have lost my mind.

And just for your viewing pleasure, here are some other pictures from that trip. Looking at my little book made me so happy, & brought back great memories of that day. THANKS RYAN (& KINSLEY)!!

<-- Kinsley & Rhino

Ryan, confused by his
pseudo-aunt Sarah's
explanations --->


Monkey said...

Precious!! I love that "whatchutalkinbout" look on Ryan's face too!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got it!!! I was worried that maybe it wouldn't make it in the homemade envelope. More importantly I am glad you like it! (Rhino is too). Thanks for the mention, it makes me feel all kinds of fuzzy!

Lennye said...

Love the picture of Ryan. How cute!!!! What a cool idea. Of course I would have to do something besides sit at a computer working on this doctorate. Or working that second job. I hope Ryan grows up and appreciates all the sacrifices his mommy makes for him and his Aunties Sarah and Melissa. (do you think perhaps I'm feeling unappriciated by the grown, money-sucking, children I birthed!!!)