Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Amy thinks I'm nice.

That's right, my Bucket Swap partner Amy has given me the Nice Matters award. That was so sweet of her! It was kind of easy being nice to such a cool partner. Thank you, AMY!

Now I'm supposed to pass it on to seven more bloggers, but a lot of people seem to have already gotten it, so I'm going to do a shortened list. Here you are, in no particular order:

1. Melissa, better known as Monkey
2. Lennye
3. Carrie
4. Sarah (another one)

Feel free to snag the button & pass on the love. Thanks for being nice, because as Lennye often preaches, manners do show.

In other news, the briefly sick kitty is going to be well again, which is a good thing. We have a fun new vet in Decatur, and the people there are very competent. We also are beginning to think that we have a puny kitty, as she gets sick WAY more than we do. If there is an outbreak of feline plague, she will catch it. Mark my words.


Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, thanks!

carrie said...


Merci--I am honored!

Monkey said...

Thanks for thinking I'm nice! :)

Lennye said...

Thanks for the sweetness early in the morning. I went to Amy's blog did you see the BED. I love it.