Thursday, August 23, 2007


These shall be presented to you in a numbered list:

1) Tomorrow, I will be visiting Plains, Georgia, where I will probably stand in the presence of my very favorite President, Jimmy Carter. It feels like Christmas Eve, I tell you, and it is entirely likely that I will not sleep well tonight. Did I mention that I like my new job? ;)

2) This weekend, I will get to see Kinsley & Ryan, and *hopefully* Julie & Melissa, after having seen Erik, Naomi, & Kenzie. Holy cow. Did I mention that we're also going to have a festival here in the park?

3) My vintage kitchen swap package came from Maria! Observe:

Maria sent a handmade apron for me & a matching one for the dish soap, a Scrabble tile message that says "Top Chef," which you can see in its new home chez le micro-onde, a hysterical milk-holder, cookie cutters (numbers! to match the letters I already have!), and a set of vintage condiment jars. As a treat (or langiappe, for you Louisiana folks), she sent the Freestyle scrapbooking book, which is great. Thank you again, Maria! You are too sweet. Thanks also to Mica, for hosting the swap. Did I mention I love swapping?

4) We will be headed back to our new church (we think) for our fourth visit. Please note that this is more church than we attended the entire time we lived in Jackson, barring funerals & weddings. I think it's a good fit, although, as usual, we're the only people in our demographic without kids. The difference is that at this church, there are all kinds of families. Makes me happy.

I hope everyone has a truly fantastic weekend - here's hoping next week is cooler.


Lennye said...

I love the kitchen swap idea.
Also, Jimmy Carter was the first president I ever voted for. I remember it well. My grandmother looks at me as we approach the polling place and says, "Just put your mark on the rooster." I come from a long line of "yellow dog" democrats. I am now a stanch republican. I'll have some explaining to do in heaven one day.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo old....I have my first driver's license with J. Carter's signature as Gov..of our great state.....hope all is well with you and Lindsey....glad you love your job....Lee

Monkey said...

Two blogs I think you might enjoy

Malady said...

I knew we were kindred spirits! Jimmy Carter is MY favorite president, too!!!!