Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a first.

Today I found out what it's like to have a normal, adult job. I have friends who work in places other than schools, and they talk about "going to lunch." Now, we have, on occasion, gone out to eat on teacher work days, but it just has never felt like "going to lunch." I have also heard of schools where parent volunteers do enrichment activities with classes a couple of times a year so that teachers can "go to lunch." I have never worked at a school like that.

Today, my coworker & I went to visit our friends the archaeologists at the Department of Transportation. They are very cool folks, & they helped us with a little project. Then, they looked at us and said, "do you want to stay & go to lunch?" After assuring ourselves that, yes, we are responsible adults & can make a decision like that, we went for Mexican. I think we were both a bit afraid that some sort of authority was going to come & get us for actually eating with other adults away from work. (We eat at the cafeteria in the Twin Towers because it's a pain to go anywhere else, so it's still sort of got that school lunch feel, although the food & decor are vastly superior.)

After finishing lunch, we went back to work, and nothing happened. It was amazing. They should really bottle that feeling, I think. They should also let teachers, on occasion, "go to lunch." The results might be shocking.


Anonymous said...

Oh to do lunch and not worry about being 5 seconds late or to feel rushed. May you have many, many more adult "go to lunch" moments!! Kinsley

Anonymous said...

"Lunch" can be dangerous, so be cautious with your new found power. I've gotten myself in a little bit of trouble while doing "lunch" in downtown New Orleans. We've been known to cross the line between outing and event.

Lennye said...

Okay, make us jealous!!! I am chocking down my lunch at rapid speed. Since lunch prices have climbed, I'm bringing my lunch and the microwaving takes up valuable time.