Saturday, August 4, 2007

Good times.

So last night we headed out I-20 to Madison to see our friends from Lindsey's days with Georgia 4H. We played at the park, ate pizza, and attempted to see a movie. We also got to see our friend Erik's office. (He's a financial planner, and a fantastic one should you be in the market, ahem, ahem, Melissa.) That cute little kid above belongs to Erik & Naomi.

These two darlings belong to Grant & Shannon. You can see Grant below, with Jay & Kelly's youngest.

Grant is a funny story, because he's from one county over from my family in Indiana. He went to school with my second cousin, & his dad worked with my uncle. It's a very small world up that way. It was fun to meet his parents (they were there, too) - his dad sounds just like my uncle, complete with, um, interesting language.

This is Kelly & Jay's oldest - such a sweetie, and a fantastic picture-poser. She's probably the only two-year-old on the planet who sits still for her photo ops.

If we have kids a quarter as cool as this crowd, Lindsey & I will feel very blessed indeed.

(And just for the record, the movie was Racing Stripes, so Lindsey & I were not really one bit upset that we missed it.)


Monkey said...

Yeah, yeah financial planning...gonna get on that soon! :) Do you still visit the monkeybean blog? Cute kids by the way...a ton of girls!

Lennye said...

I LOVE Madison. Have you ever gone over the first week in December for the tour of homes? I used to do it all the time! I think I need a financial planner!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My finances are planned out the planning Madison as well...beautiful homes....Okay, Sarah, are you getting a little mooshy when it comes to having kids????any plans for the near future?????? L.