Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good News!

One of our favorite people in the world is getting married! Chip, who is Lindsey's longtime friend - they were even at band camp together, and was Lindsey's pinch hitting best man in our wedding, proposed to his girlfriend this weekend. This is Lindsey getting the good news:

That's the water heater behind him - I can't wait until we have a normal house again, where such things are NOT in the middle of the kitchen.

Other eventfulness:

*In 6 more school days, I will no longer have a classroom to call my own. Sad? Not me. I will have a cubicle.

*There are chocolate ice cream sandwiches in my freezer. Did you know they make those?

* If you go to Crafty Daisies, you can learn how to crochet for the next 15 Tuesdays. I learned how to crochet from a girl who studied with us in Paris, but I have forgotten much, and what I remembered, I misremembered. This the fruit of last night's labor. It looks like a ratty bookmark, but I'm quite proud. It's about half of an afghan square, and I swear it took me two hours to finish. Caro was always a much better crocheter than I, so this is definitely an improvement. One square I made in Paris ended up looking like a triangular fuzzy coaster. Not cool.

*This arrived in the mail today. Now, you might not know this, but I LOVE the mail. My brother once made me mad at him for weeks by telling me that we had gotten mail on Sunday - I thought it was a gift from Above. Every day, I expect great things in the mail, and usually I am disappointed. Today was magical. First of all, there was an envelope addressed to Aunt Sarah & Uncle Lindsey, which made me giddy. Then, there was a letter from my favorite kid (for pics of said precious baby, see Melissa's post from Sunday). And finally, there was a watercolored masterpiece. I think he shows a great sense of design, in a well-rounded way, of course. THANK YOU RYAN!!! We love you, too, buddy.

If you want to read some really sweet sentiments, head over to Melissa & Julie's blog. :) Made my heart go all fuzzy. <3


Lennye said...

Personally, I can't think of your room being empty it makes me very sad!! However, now that I know the mail is important I will try to write a real letter occasionally with much. Have you started looking for a normal house?

I do wish you and monkey had gone to the silent auction last night!

Anonymous said...

YEAH I love good news, but on to stuff that pertains to me. :) I LOVE that you loved your mail, Ryan crafted that art all by himself, I have countless scribbles I could show you around here, but I will spare you. He loves to paint, he gets all excited when you mention it. I am glad you enjoyed your mail, FYI I am a huge mailer when my friends live far away (well the ones I REALLY like), so plenty of mail coming your way, no worries! Kinsley AKA K2daK