Tuesday, May 15, 2007

survival tactics

Plans are brewing with these lovely materials:

They began looking a bit more like this:

That's right, I finally sliced up my dishtowel for Bag Assignment Numero Uno at the Purse Project. Normally, I would be wracked with guilt for cutting into anything older than I am, but this particular towel had already faced some challenges, judging by the rust stains & mysterious splotches that look like it was used to polish silver and then not ever washed. So, the gorgeous saltbox embroidery and the festive 50s pastel stripes will become a new bag for yours truly, when combined with fabric I have yet to find, and the fabulous salmon-colored bias tape that was thrifted in the same expedition as the towel. I was very excited to see how easily the stripes folded into perfect shoulder straps. While the tucked under the arm styling is a bit close to the bags I carried in my sorority days, I think it will work for a summery embroidered deal as well. Stay tuned for details... (This time next week, the plan could be radically altered.)

In other news, the new roommate is causing us increasing trouble. We might have to have an intervention. (OOOOHHHH, relevant non sequitor: if you haven't read Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman, do. Anyway, he has a brilliant chapter on the intrusion of MTV's The Real World into our real lives, and includes a bit about how the roommate interventions on the show have taken over our real relationships with our real roommates. And by "our," I mean everyone born between 1973 and 1983. Now, talk amongst yourselves.)

And, finally, since this craftiness kick did start off with scrapbooking, here are some scrapbooked goodies for you from Lee's retirement fiesta. Not great pictures, but Melissa had best appreciate the bright green color.

So clearly I need help in taking & cropping identical pictures of a two-page layout. Will address that.

In case you're still reading, this post is called survival tactics because at this point in the school year, if I weren't doing something for myself, I'd be crazy. Not to mention that a giant tire fire is raging in our town right now, and I'm trying not to think of the noxious fumes I'm breathing. (FYI: It was a tire recycling plant, so until the whole thing caught fire, they were actually doing good work.)

If the air is clean where you are, take a deep breath for me.


Monkey said...

hello dearie! Love the bright green! Absolutely Fabulous (all said in my faux-British accent by the way) You might want to check out your link thingie though because you have it linking to bymonkeybean.com which does not exist..heehee! Gosh, when are we crafting again? Regina Spektor and I are starting to miss you a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh Talented One! I am so impressed with your tearing up the dishtowel and a little sad. I think old needle point should have special place in the world!! I hope you had a proper euloge I am a bit confused - - did you get a ---I can't hardly even type the word -- TV? What new roommate? Last addition I knew of was the sewing machine! I must read the book you talked about Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs--sounds interesting! Also, the Purse Project is bery interested. From the Wise One!!!

Anonymous said...

While I will enjoy reading the book, it ‘twas not me that left the post, however I was highly intrigued by your visit this morning and I felt compelled to come and visit and be a little stalkerish to discover who it is that sounds similar to me. Maybe it is your partner in drinking crime...can’t help you this time!! I do have some LOVELY P.C. dishes that arrived on my doorstep for you. You will be their proud new owner in a matter of hours. KBE

Monkey said...

oohhh I think I know who the mystery anonymous commenter is! It's got to be Lee...she's the one who would call herself "wise one" AND the sentence about hardly being able to say the word...TV...My money is totally on Lee!