Sunday, May 27, 2007

c'est fini

(Should be ce sont finis, but despite the French love of grammatical correctness, they use the singular to discuss things in the plural. Now you KNOW I'm a big dork.)

So I braved the swamp fire smoke that lingered in our part of the atmosphere this morning just long enough to snap a cutie pie clothesline shot of these babies:

2/3 of the Highway 36 Band of Mr. Robotos have found a permanent home. These will be delivered post haste to the little darlings for whom they were intended. (I foresee some mommies being even more impressed than some kiddies.) Mwahahahhahahahah. Mad props to Laurie for creating these super-easy yet very impressive iron-ons. I am seriously considering buying some more in green. And now she has ninjas, too. SHEESH. What's a girl to do?

Now, some of you have been following the new roommate saga with bated breath. True to the "intervention" form, as discussed by my buddy Chuck Klosterman, I ditched the first roommate and picked up a second one yesterday. Since my second roomie cost some serious dough, I expected better behavior, and she has not disappointed. She is, in truth, such a good roomie that she has already helped me finish this:

The Purse Project challenge dishtowel bag is complete! Tomorrow, I'll take some real pictures and give y'all a play by play of how it came together (sort of). Tonight, I'm just thrilled it's done (mostly).

Today is my daddy's birthday. We went down to Macon and visited the family. He grilled & Mom made him a cake. And, in true Blascovich style, he got underwear for his birthday. Just like Christmases growing up, he always reminds us. As for our gift, Lindsey & I plan to take him to a Sox game in Chicago this summer, which will be his first trip to the "new" Comiskey. (We don't call it by that other name.) It's funny that I've been there & he hasn't, but these things do happen.

Till tomorrow...


Monkey said...

Woohoo! A new non-psycho roommate! Oh the things you will make! :) Your craftiness makes me feel like a slacker head!

Lennye said...

Mr. Roboto needs to come visit Mr. Baldo!! Matt came home Saturday night and had shaved his head!! His senior pictures are in 7 weeks,(have you head me screaming). Yet, in true 17 year old thinking, he is confident he will have some hair by then. I chalk this up to limited activities of interest in a small town! He could of just gone bowling!!!!

The purse project is fantastic!!!