Wednesday, May 2, 2007

hedgie love

Yesterday was May 1st, and since I don't know the words to the Internationale, I figured I'd unite with the workers, by, um, working. Only this was very, very fun work. If you go to this lovely website, you can learn how to make yourself a heart pin from felt. I jived mine up with some pinking shears (on the interior plaid heart), and the darling little hedgehog from Superbuzzy. I don't know if you can see the red whipstiching around the outside of the heart, but if you can't, please know that I did it, it looked like crapola, and I took it all out and did it again. I should probably buy Whipstiching for Dummies. It is definitely just proof that I need to sew more.

And to that end, if you'll please notice the button down and to the left. The felt pin is part of a month of projects from Shimelle, a seriously talented gal who I found thanks to the wonders of the scrapbooking Internet. Run over and visit her blog; it's fantastic. Today's project was great, too, just not quite right for me tonight.

I think the birthday cake ice cream in the freezer is calling... (Yay for husbands who buy such things on a whim.)

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Monkey said...

Love the new's very you! I saw you wearing the felt heart pin today--never got to ask about it though! Quite crafty niftyness! Getting more and more stoked about Saturday night! woohoo!