Thursday, July 24, 2008

NOLA Reunion 2008

Beignets and chocolate milk at Cafe du Monde

Dinner at Cochon, minus Petey, who was playing photographer

Our sophomore year crowd - Bear, Pete, Torrence, Invisible Wascom, Feather, me, Raegen, and Lauren in front of what remains of our dorm. No, we didn't live in trailers. They tore down the dorm (hallelujah!), and this is the temporary solution. It now houses Army ROTC. Go figure.

Ice cream at Brocato's - peach ice for Bear and Zuppa Inglese for me

Newcomb Girls Under the Oaks = deep sigh of regret

Rather than even attempt to describe everything that happened, I'll just give you a bulleted list of the highlights, okay? This is in something closely (but not entirely) resembling chronological order:
  • Raegen, Petey, Torrence, and I were in the Quarter with frosty cool beverages within two hours of our arrival in the fair city.
  • Bear fed us gigantic plates of wonderful food within two hours after that.
  • Raegen and I had a great time catching up - haven't seen her since before my wedding (our last trip to New Orleans, in fact) - she spent two weeks volunteering in Peru before joining us!
  • Raegen, Lauren, and I got to stay up late and chat - just like sophomore year, minus the Feather.
  • The three of us got up early for Cafe du Monde and beignets. I, hating coffee, had chocolate milk, because it was already about 15983474 degrees - way too hot to consider my traditional hot chocolate.
  • Raegen introduced us to some lovely Cajun music and a cool indie band called The Figs!
  • Lauren put me totally on the spot with a French shoplady in the Quarter, and I had to conduct the rest of my business in her store in French. (No pressure!)
  • We met Caro when she arrived, and she totally thought we were waiting on her in this dive bar called Ms. Mae's - absolute college flashback.
  • The girls had lunch at a fun Mexican place called Nacho Mama's, where some dude told me he liked my eyebrows. Only in New Orleans...
  • We went shopping, and Feather bought something! (This never happens.) Then, she bought matching shoes!
  • Met the boys, left the boys, met the boys again for dinner at Jacques-Imo's, where I had the best biscuit I have every put in my mouth. Ever.
  • Went back to the Quarter and heard one of Torrence's friends play piano & sing.
  • Got up early, took the streetcar to the Trolley Stop Cafe (late-night/late-morning college hangout) where we met the owner (we think)!! His name is Lucien Casio, and he is a doll.
  • Spent the afternoon on campus, taking pictures, dodging freakish rainstorms, listening to Petey explain one of his dissertation papers, and reminiscing.
  • Went to two of my very favorite bookstores anywhere.
  • Bear took me for the best ice cream on the planet. {See above}
  • Got home in time to change for dinner at Cochon (yes, that's right, French for Pig), where everything was insanely wonderful.
  • Drinks at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, alleged haunt of the pirate himself
  • Final brunch at the Camellia Grill, which was closed for SO LONG after Katrina that we all got scared, but it's back, with a vengeance. Feather and I wen there every Mardi Gras Day, just before our Ash Wednesday fasts began, and then back Easter Monday or shortly thereafter. The burgers and chocolate freezes were better than ever, and Marvin was still behind the counter. This is the only thing that almost made me cry - but it was fantastic. {And Heavens to Betsy, it's on Wikipedia!!!}
  • Torrence made the long drive home with me nodding off every fifty miles.
Phew. That's a lot. It was wonderful, and I wish I could do it over and over again. As stated last year, after the Tennessee Mountain Adventure, these people rock, and I love them dearly. Maybe next year we'll actually be together - missed Andrew this year because of his pesky honeymoon (sheesh).

Back to your regularly scheduled programming... More pictures are on Flickr.


Lennye said...

Petey explaining one of his dissertation papers, how many is Petey doing? Is he going to make it? Does he still have hair?

Jean Knee said...

sounds so fun. I love New Orleans, is it still awesome after Katrina?

Egads! we already missed getting in the sweet & sinister Halloween swap. Will let you know if I come across any

K2daK said...

One day I would like to go to New Orleans. I LOVE beignets, I had a friend in high school her mom made them all the time...YUM! I haven't had one since. :( What fun dish do you have on your plate Cochon?

I am glad you all had a good time!

I have to tell you that my word verification ALMOST says crctfu-that is some funny stuff!