Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I think you should...

  • stop by Becky's blog and enter her giveaway! Having been her swap partner, I can assure you that whosoever wins will be mighty thrilled!
  • look at these amazing books that Natalea is making. I feel like I need to make a little red & blue book tonight. Only the job won't let me. :( Or will it? (mwhahaha)
  • visit Dawn to find out about the tutorials that she is creating for purchase. Since I can't begin to think like she does, it's great that she's willing to teach me how to do it.
  • check out if you haven't already. Very nice for situations where you find yourself needing some sort of distraction from the noises surrounding you. Heck, we'll try anything that's free!
  • absolutely stop what you are doing and watch this video, even if you've already seen it, because it is GUARANTEED, by me, to make you laugh.

Happy Wednesday!


K2daK said...

That video was some funny stuff!

bee'nme said...

Hi Miss Sarah!

SO good to see you again! Thanks for coming over to play at my place - and thanks for the kind post mention - you're the sweetest! Thanks for the links...loved the gorgeous books and wow, that video was absolutely hilarious.

Hugs and Blessings,