Thursday, July 24, 2008


I know it looks like a pizza in this picture. It doesn't in real life.

But really, it's a heck of a lot more.

It's strawberry rhubarb pie, and I've never made it before. Rhubarb is on that very long list of things that I learned to like in France, only to learn that you can't get it very far south of Kentucky. Therefore, when I saw it at the DeKalb Farmer's Market, I had to get it, even though it is DEFINITELY violating my new local eating goals. (For the record, it came from Michigan.) The strawberries are local, though, frozen by yours truly in May, so at least i get half credit.

Lindsey and I whipped up this little beauty this afternoon, and maybe sometime before sunset it will be cool enough to taste. I'm seeing some vanilla ice cream in my future, too.

The recipe came from this wonderful book, all about cooking with what's in season.

It's a cousin to this fabulous book, all about making great food that doesn't require crazy ingredients or cost an arm and a leg.

We found both books at 10,000 Villages stores, and they have both of them at the shop here in the Virginia Highlands.

I'll be back momentarily with a weekend update.


Lennye said...

In Colorado one of my friends had a rhubarb plant. We went crazy cooking every summer, because it great like crazy.

Monkey said...

I had a feeling Lennye would go ape-shit over how you made the pie!! :) :)

K2daK said...

That looks lovely!