Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just a little out of order...

I promise there will be pictures of the house soon. As in probably next week, after Caroline (!) leaves.

I spent last weekend in a cabin on top of a mountain near Sevierville, Tennessee, with some of the best members of the Tulane University class of 2002. We rock. These folks were my roommates, my down-the-hall neighbors, and my very dearest friends. We've done the wedding thing a couple of times now, and lived through some pretty sad moments, personal and otherwise. We sat together on September 11th, and we called each other in shock after Katrina. It's definitely the sort of group that sticks together. We don't see each other too often any more, since we're spread out from Houston to Louisiana to Chicago to Atlanta (and soon) to New York, but we keep up via these ridiculous group emails, and we finally managed to arrange a vacation for most of us. Caro wasn't able to be there because of work, and Bear wasn't able to be there for reasons that I'm too well-bred to mention on my blog.

The boys grilled, and we ate REALLY well. We also drank well, no thanks to the Evil McGee Manahattans. We picked blackberries, and the boys climbed to the top of the mountain. We had near-death experiences on the gravel road climbing to the cabin, and we also survived the Forbidden Caverns, where the oh-so-loverly tour guide captured this fantastic shot:

From the left, that's Torrence (soon-to-be Dr. Welch), me, the Feather, Peter (soon-to-be Dr. McGee), Lauren, Jason, Andrew's girlfriend Julia, and Andrew. Two Ph.D.s - not shabby, huh? These are the people who beat me (SOMETIMES) at Trivial Pursuit. Jason kicks Scrabble butt, I learned, but he did let me serve as his partner (that means I got to pull the tiles from the bag) for his second victory.

We've always been an emotional crowd, so there was no shortage of soul-baring & meaning-of-life determining. In a testimony to the fact that we are getting OLD, Peter did not have to bend the universe one single time. It would appear that we are getting to the point that we can do it ourselves. Three of us now own homes - crazy.

I'll stop now, I think, but I am very grateful for last weekend. Let's leave it there.


Lennye said...

Thank you deary for posting again for me to catch up! Personally, your Tulane friends would all be impressed to see you in action at the Georgia DOE!!! After reading about them I can see why you are good friends.

My dear, you belong with movers and shakers. Go ahead move up the ladder with the state! I may not be far behind!!!

I too enjoyed my week in Atlanta. Now give me those damn content discriptors that I just found out about!!!! The problem is I can't even complain, because I would be told everyone else knew!!! First I've hear of the things, but they will be invaluable with my new class. I feel like I came away this week a better teacher!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah,

I hope you are enjoying your new home, new job, new experiences. Mel. gave me your blog address and I am learning to use this thing...I sent you an email thanking Lindsey for the food I found on my doorstep...sorry I missed him..I had Courtney and apparently was doing something with her...probably out back. Just wanted to connect with you,lee