Tuesday, July 3, 2007


1) Back from Chattanooga, where we went to deliver the cat for babysitting-during-moving, and escape the blistering heat.

2) In a moment of sanity, our landlady decided to replace the air conditioning unit here, so we are decidedly less stressed about moving.

3) Finally got all the items together for Amy, my Sweet Goodness Swap partner. (I am willing to admit freely that finding yellow & orange "Stuff" is HARD!) Now, I have some sewing & gluing to do, before I package it all & send it to California.

4) Our walk-through is tomorrow, & we close on Thursday. Wowie.

5) Congrats to Lennye, & Melissa, hope you're feeling happier. :)

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Lennye said...

I've worried so about you! I knew you were super busy!!! Can't wait for you to get settled so me and Gunter can come visit!

Freda went in for gallbladder surgery today. So being a good friend I've cooked all day!!!!! French Dip sandwiches, potato soup for Freda, banana split cake and yum-yum cake!!!!!

Love you!!