Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm no Smothers Brother, but...

I can Yo Yo! My cool swap partner, Amy, has this tutorial from Heather Bailey linked on her blog. Yo yos are easy to make! I thought they were hard, and have even seen little tools to help you make them. I'm not going to lie and say it's foolproof - there was a brief incident when the thread broke, and you might be able to see a knot or two, but they're very forgiving in their intrinsic coolness. These have some serious potential for future projects - the two on the left, by the way, are made from my Bundle of the Month from Kyoto Kimono. Pretty cool to think that these were part of a kimono once upon a time, and now they've transitioned into a rather traditional American craft.

Huge, gigantic, wonderful thanks to Melissa, Kinsley, Caroline, Petey, & Torrence for making yesterday fabulous. My parents & brother also rocked the big day on Sunday (Daddy & I tend to celebrate jointly), which was very nice. Special individual thanks to my sweetie for a) finding the IKEA independently, and purchasing these lovely chairs (in red) for our new deck. I am crazy excited, since I love the look of bentwood chairs (we own several), and these just take that style to a whole new level. You'll be seeing an outdoor shot of them soon enough.
Here's what yesterday entailed when I showed up at Melissa's:
That's right. Chicken fries, cool hand-printed card & wrapping paper, and my own personal dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts picked up by the oh-so-fabulous Julie just for moi. It was perfection, I tell you. (We will not be testing my cholesterol anytime soon...)

And to wind things down, I wanted to show you the AMAZING things that arrived last week & today from May's etsy shop. These are paper goods to beat all paper goods, and I've already got a couple of ideas for the tags. The whale tag & pink label are extras she threw in with my order - so generous! Look for layouts with these shortly. The red & blue letters are destined for the new kitchen - it's getting really exciting to have our own house. I cannot wait!

Try the yo yos! You won't be disappointed. :)


Lennye said...

I have seen really cute quilts made with the yo-yo's. That might be fun for you to try. Back in the day, quilting was something I really enjoyed! When Dan's mom and Linda go, I want back the quilts I made them. They probably need to put that in a will!

Also, did someone have a birthday?

Monkey said...

Hope the donuts have been tasty!

Malady said...

Cool! I still haven't tried it yet!!!! Glad to see they seem pretty easy to do!


The Shivers said...

I suck for overlooking (not forgetting, overlooking) your big day. I'm going to blame it on ______ (meaning I have so many things to choose from, I'll just let you make up your own). :) It looks like this is going to be a really fabulous year for you and I hope you had a wonderful birthday. One of these days I'm going to get my head screwed on straight again and perhaps be a decent friend again. :( In the meantime, can't wait to come smell the elephants at your new place.