Tuesday, June 12, 2007


For the three of you who care:

We are headed to Atlanta (again - third time in four days) to drive yet another potential commute for Lindsey. Yesterday's was horrific, but we did it at the absolute worst time, and it was raining, so it wouldn't ever be much more terrible than it was yesterday. (Secretly hoping that today's will be just as bad, because I like yesterday's house better.)

We got to see our buddy Chris, and eat some "solid" pizza (as described rather aptly by our realtor), and trot from the pizza place to our potential new house. Due to the rain, the weather was lovely when we started, and humid as mid-July in Valdosta when we finished. And, although I warned the boys that it was quite a trot to the house, they didn't believe me. Now that I have MapQuested it, I know that it was a 2.9 mile round-trip. In bad shoes. Did you know you can get blisters ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FEET? I know that now. :(

Since this is turning into the Sarah's Feet blog, and since Caroline hates feet, we can't have that.

Moving on.

There are not enough bookstores in Atlanta. I learned this last night, when the independent bookstores I found are for, shall we say, niche markets. I am not a member of these niches. However, there does appear to be a cute kids' bookshop in Decatur. There is also a scrapbook store. Once I actually get to visit these places (and they are convenient from both potential houses, by the way), I'll provide you with an update.

Lindsey is analyzing my keystrokes (I appear to be using a lot of As), so I will stop. That means he needs attention. :)

Happy Tuesday, yo.


Lennye said...

You are already so--metro! Will you even remember us in a few months! A house in Grant Park, sounds like a perfect fit for you and hubbie dear.

The conference is wonderful. Ralph Fletcher was good, but there are some who are even better. I am in hog heaven.

Monkey said...

I'm a little worried about the remembering us part too! :( ha!
I have quite a large surprise for you...that is basically finished with one little thing left to do, but if you want to take a sneak peek you can let me know and I might consider it! :)